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  • What Will Happen to Strategic Thought
    16th January 2007 By Sundeep Waslekar

    This New Year is special for all of us at Strategic Foresight Group as we complete five years of an exciting journey. We celebrate it by presenting a new thought to the world – An Inclusive World. It is the concept of a world where practical political processes help to replace despair by hope, polarisation by the spirit of humanity and cleavages by a common space in which you, I and everyone have a stake. We have presented it in the form of an essay prepared with input from all continents.

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  • Turkey stays out of the pecking order
    16 January 2007 By Ranjini Ramaswamy

    It turns out that Leonardo Da Vinci, may have had a Turkish mamma. A 60% chance that his mother was of Middle Eastern Origin, according to Luigi Capasso, the director of the Anthropology Research Institute at Chieti University, Italy. The mere possibility that the master of the High Renaissance in Europe had Eastern roots put a completely different spin on the “clash of civilizations” and the tired homilies we are so used to accepting. 

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  • Reflections from Russia: A Conversation with Dr. Alexei Arbatov
    November 2006 By Ilmas Futehally

    “The US looks at the US-Russia relationship of the 1990s as model to be preserved. For us in Russia, this was our weakest moment, a disaster, never to be repeated”, said Dr Alexei Arbatov, when I met him in Moscow last month. Dr Arbatov is member of the Russian Parliament (State Duma) and the Program Chair for nuclear non-proliferation at the prestigious Carnegie Moscow Center.

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  • Constructing Peace, Deconstructing Terror
    November 2006 By Sundeep Waslekar and Graham Watson

    The body count increasing in Iraq, the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan, and growing curbs on personal liberty in Western democracies are signs of just how wrong the war on terror has gone. We need a completely fresh approach to deconstruct terror and to build trust between Western and Islamic countries. We must also not forget that terrorism pervades strongly in parts of Latin America, Asia and Africa.

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  • Madonna in Moscow
    October 2006 By Sundeep Waslekar

    In September when the world tossed and turned over the Holy Father’s remarks on Islam and the coup in Thailand, Strategic Foresight Group was seized with the new order in Russia after the presidential elections in 2008. Foresight is about the developments of the future, not commentary on the events of the past.

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  • The Great Gamble
    October 2006 By Kumud Pallavi-Hebbar and Avanti Bhati

    A volatile province, Balochistan has always proven to be a delicate issue for the political/military masters in Islamabad. More recently, the province has been up in arms against Islamabad’s writ and continued exploitation. Despite having the largest gas reserves in the country, it supplies over 80% of its gas produce to Punjab and Sindh while it consumes hardly 17%. With minimal returns for all its gas supplies and having to depend upon Federal largesse the stark economic underdevelopment of the region has always been a rallying point for Balochis. This economic underdevelopment of the region when juxtaposed with the over bearing presence of the Pak military regime and the ethnic differences between Balochistan and the rest of Pakistan (read Punjab) results in the kind of insurgency that is currently being witnessed in the province.

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  • Children and War: A Session with Ambassador Olara Otunnu
    September 2006 By Rami Desai and Devika Mistry

    Ambassador Olara Otunnu, a career diplomat, Under Secretary General for the United Nations and former Special Representative for Children and Armed Conflict. Ambassador Otunnu is a renowned expert on governance issues and has tirelessly worked towards highlighting and addressing the plight of children in war effected countries, as far spread as Uganda, Sri Lanka, Sierra Leone (among others) promoting measures for the social integration and rehabilitation of these children in the aftermath of war as well as working on issues such as child protection, counseling, education in an effort to ameliorate both the short term and as well as long term negative effects of war on the development of these children.

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  • Age of Inconclusive Wars
    August 2006 By Sundeep Waslekar

    “We have entered the age of inconclusive wars,” said Ambassador Hesham Youssef, a key official of the League of Arab States. He was speaking at a workshop Strategic Foresight Group had jointly organised with SMWIPM Institute of Peace Studies at Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt in August this year. The war in Lebanon had sparked massive rage all over the Middle East. The US might have declared victory in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but they are still very active killing fields. Most significantly, there is a war of terrorism and a war on terror.

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